Vote Yes on R for a Safer Orinda by reducing wildfire risk, maintaining safe roads and improving critical infrastructure.

Just eight years ago, Orinda’s deteriorating roads were rated among the worst in the Bay Area. That’s when Orinda voters approved a modest increase in the sales tax rate to fund repairs. All scheduled road improvements were completed on budget and ahead of schedule, as documented by the Citizens’ Infrastructure Oversight Commission.


This vital local funding source is set to expire. Funding continues to be needed to maintain roads, repair aging storm drains and address urgent wildfire safety issues.


Recent fire seasons have been the hottest, driest and most destructive on record. Orinda’s excess vegetation fuel increases fire risk and creates conditions similar to those leading to devastating wildfires in Santa Rosa, Paradise and other communities. Proactive wildfire prevention is needed to keep Orinda safe.

Voting Yes on R renews the expiring voter-approved sales tax and increases the rate by ½¢ (50¢ on a $100 purchase) to provide locally-controlled funding for local needs,


  • Improving wildfire safety by controlling hazardous brush and vegetation throughout Orinda

  • Protecting neighborhoods, schools, fire stations, roads and bridges from wildfire by maintaining defensible space

  • Repairing aging and collapsing storm drains to prevent flooding, sinkholes, and maintain safe evacuation routes

  • Improving disaster preparedness by enhancing emergency communications, early alerts and evacuation planning

  • Maintaining roads to minimize future costly repairs


Measure R Continues Strict Accountability Protections


  • All funds stay in Orinda and cannot be taken by Sacramento.

  • An independent citizens’ oversight committee and mandatory audits are required.

Essential purchases like groceries and medicine are exempt to reduce the burden for residents on fixed/ limited incomes.

Don't Play with fire, Orinda. Study these seven facts and vote Yes on R ,  submitted for an East Bay Times Guest Editorial

 by Vice Mayor Amy Worth and Orinda City Councilmember,

      Dennis Fay

When Orinda voters study the facts, they'll agree that voting Yes on R is the smart and responsible choice to protect our homes, families and safety.

  1. Orinda has an immediate plan to quickly reduce wildfire risk.

  2. Orinda has a longer-term plan to maintain wildfire safety and critical infrastructure.

  3. Measure R builds upon a proven track record.

  4. Measure R continues strict accountability and oversight.

  5. The cost of Measure R is modest.

  6. Voting no may be far more costly.

  7. Orinda's trusted leaders support Measure R.

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Please join Orinda’s respected leaders in voting Yes on R.